Deals and Due Diligence

Deals and Due Diligence

A transaction is one of the most complex endeavors an owner or investor will ever face. As a buyer, you want to be sure you're making the right acquisition. You need to evaluate the opportunity and potential while anticipating the risks and challenges that may arise. There are many factors to evaluate in parallel, including the financial, operational, and strategic assumptions, as well as the market conditions and environment necessary to make the investment a success. 

When facing the complexity and risk of a transaction, the time to dig in and uncover facts is up front. Moss Adams has assisted with due diligence on hundreds of transactions. The first decision is whether to go forward with the deal. The next is how to negotiate and structure the transaction. We are accustomed to the fast pace and the urgency of the deal environment, but we don’t cut corners. Our approach is to identify risk factors as well as opportunities. We then help you safely manage the risks through terms, structure, or pricing in the deal process. 

Specifically, we can help evaluation and assessment of the following:

  • Quality of earnings and cash flow
  • Quality of assets to be purchased and liabilities to be assumed
  • Internal controls, information systems, and personnel
  • Financial projections, assumptions, and forecasts
  • Working capital analyses and adjustments
  • Tax implications, including state and local tax obligations
  • Deal structure from a tax perspective
  • Identifying additional areas for detailed due diligence
  • Performing targeted investigation at the request of the investor
  • Information and data preparation

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