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Our Process

Our Process

Clear and Realistic Objectives

Ensure that all parties agree on the financial and non-financial objectives for any transaction.

Extreme Preparation

We understand your business from all angles. We gather your unique information as well as exhaustive intelligence from your marketplace.

Transaction Framework and Strategy

What are the alternatives for a transaction? Which one can best meet the objectives? Every situation calls for a tailored and custom approach.

Materials and Information Preparation

Crisp, direct, compelling materials will gain the attention of decision-makers … and keep it.

Going to Market

Time to launch—whether working with a single investor or a broad group, we manage the contact and discussion to bring everyone to the same point at the same time.

Negotiation and Closing

We anticipate, plan, and prepare. Whether selling the company or raising capital, extreme preparation will keep a deal moving. We never let up until the money passes hands.


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